Saturday, August 30, 2014

Black & Gold Saturday

My original plan was to skip posting tonight.  However, certain things came up last night, and I missed writing yesterday.  Therefore I decided to post something tonight.

It was a busy day today as I went to what is likely going to be my only college football game of the year.  I am a diehard Mizzou fan, and got the chance to see them play today against the South Dakota State Jackrabbits.  This isn't a recap of the game or anything like that, if you are a fan you saw the game at the Faurot Field or saw it on ESPNU (or whichever one it was on).

After I got home today and checked my mail, I got something.  I got a plain white envelope, my second one from Listia, which things are going great so far.  The card I got was of a former Mizzou player and current Carolina Panthers (2nd Round 2014) Defensive End- KONY EALY!

I met Kony a couple years ago, before most people heard of him.  I told my friend, "you are going to hear his name a lot this year".  He had a good year.  Last year I told my friend "he has the potential to be better than Aldon Smith (who also went to Mizzou)".  While Ealy hasn't proved that just yet, he didn't disappoint last year either.  As a matter of fact, if it wasn't for some guy named Michael Sam, Ealy could have been a household name by now.  Or without either one, neither would have had a great year.

Anyways here is the card I got today.

2014 Leaf honestly is horrible.  No license for starters, but also the design is very lackluster.  A photocard would have been better.  At least it has the name and position of the player.

How about the back.

Equally as bad, but at least it has height and weight and a short biography.  Though it has the same picture on the back as the front.  That's a bit outlandish.  They couldn't have taken at least two pictures from the same game?  I took almost 100 pictures today, and I was sick, and could have taken at least 200 if I felt good, also if I had press credentials.

But wait a minute.... something is amiss....  That jersey isn't right.


WAIT, I REMEMBER THIS JERSEY!  MISSOURI LAST WORE IT IN 2011.  Well, if you count their spring scrimmage, which this photo is not from, it was 4-14-12.

Why do I have that date etched in my head?  Two reasons, first it was the day that Mizzou announced their new uniforms for all sports after they would join the SEC on July 1st, 2012.

The second reason I remember that date:

THERE I AM STANDING NEXT TO KONY EALY... in April.... of 2012.... with the OLD jersey being worn for possibly the final time.

So not only is Leaf making crappy cards, they are using old photos.  I can sometimes look past the no license, but horrible designs and old photos gives me more reason to stop buying these cards in the future.

Anyways, hope you all have a great holiday weekend (not sure if it is a holiday weekend in Poland where apparently I have some people who read this,thanks!), and thank you all for reading.

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