Friday, August 15, 2014

I shall call you mini me!

Before I write anything, I know what you're thinking- another Austin Powers reference?  I'm sorry for that, I just couldn't think of another relevant title.  Don't worry, I won't make another reference for a while... after I mention this.  A few posts ago I wrote about never going to the theaters.  One movie I did see in theaters (and possibly the only one on opening night) was Austin Powers 2.  I saw it with both my sisters.  It wasn't my favorite movie, but I loved going on this occasion, because I can't remember a lot of times when all three of us went places. Sure we did family things when we were older.  But this was after my sisters were out of high school, and I was still in school.  Time like that were rare.

Anyways, that has no bearing on this post.  The idea of this post is mini cards.  Not like 1975 minis.  Not like A&G minis.  No, I'm talking about Cracker Jack minis.  The other day I went to an antique mall (one that was featured on the Travel Channel show Truck Stop U.S.A).  I go there quite often, but rarely do they have ball cards.  The only time I've seen cards there before were a box of unopened Free Willy 2 cards (which I bought and may do a post about one day).  This time, there were a few vendors with cards.  I bought 3 boxes.  One was a box of 1987 Topps, which had some amazing cards, almost all the good players except George Brett and Ozzie Smith (though I did get the Bonds and Bo rookies, and Nolan Ryan and Cal Ripken and others).  I also bought a couple boxes of cards the said "mixed cards".  Going in I knew it wasn't going to have major stars, but they were cheap and I was hoping for some Royals and some commons.

I opened the first box and I was stunned, "mixed cards" was code for "A TON OF 1992 STADIUM CLUB WITH NO VALUE".  I was disappointed to say the least.  I might have gotten a couple cards that I liked, but it was worthless.  So heading into the second box, my hopes were dashed because it was from the same vendor.

I opened it and at least it started with newer cards.  2008 Upper Deck.  Not bad, but I have enough of them to last.  Then there were a few random older cards.  At least this one was "mixed".  Then I was surprised.  The box had some 2014 Topps and 2013 A&G.  Not bad.  I guess this box was worth the 4 bucks.

Then I pulled something I have never seen-

At first I was a little confused.  I have seen these cards before, they were from boxes of Cracker Jack.  But I have never seen full size mini cards.  4 cards on one card, almost like a mini sheet.  To add to it, look at those names- Ryan, Clemens, Yount.  Amazing names.  I knew they weren't million dollar cards, but I did some digging, and saw that they are a little rare.  If you have time you should check into them.

These were series one cards, only 36 cards were in the set.  I'm off to a nice start.  No real plans to finish this set, but it is nice to have a variety.  I remember getting a few boxes of Cracker Jack with these cards in them, so this was like a flashback to childhood.  As an adult though, I'm not a big fan of these cards.  They are just too small to put in sleeves, I do have small pages that fit some A&G, but these are still too small.

After I pulled these I found a few other cards in the box I might show in a future post.  For now those, I thought I would give a....little (see what I did there?) preview of a flea market find.  Hope you enjoy your weekend.

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