Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hall of Fame Post #1

I've mentioned it before, and I even have a tab at the top, but today I am happy to announce my first post in my Hall of Fame.

Let me explain a few things before I go on.  First off, the card I present can be any card that I have.  As long as I have the card in my collection, I will feature it.  The card doesn't have to be specific to players or teams I collect, and I don't even have to like the person, place, or thing mentioned (I hope I never find a card I like of A.J. Pierzinski).  The card doesn't have to be of anything major, it can just be something that catches my eye and I like.  Once I post about the card, I will try to immediately post the card into the Hall of Fame and link the post I featured it.   When I feature a card, I will try my best to discuss when I got it, how, and any story that I can attribute to the card.
I think that covers it.  Now onto the card in question-


When I first thought of this Card Hall of Fame, this was the first card I thought of.  I pulled it straight from a pack of 2007 Topps I bought.  2007 was a year that I started to buy a pack here and there, and I really liked the black border of the set (I am one of a very select few I think).  When I pulled it and looked at it, oddly enough, I didn't even notice Mickey Mantle in the dugout.  I did spot George W. Bush in the stands, because like in real life, he tends to stick out like a sore thumb (not a political jab, btw).  Even after spotting him, I just thought he was really in the crowd.  Later on I heard stories about how Topps didn't know about it, then did know and left it in.  I wasn't even aware of the chase people went through to find the cards.

The card at the time was selling at crazy prices, aside from the Jordan card I mentioned a few posts ago, it may be the highest priced card I pulled (at least at that time).  Today it still goes for a decent price, but now at least it is easy to find and buy without breaking the bank. 

Since I am mentioning Jeter, I will post a few other cards of Jeter I have that I like.  They are not Hall worthy, but still worth a mention.

I always liked the 1993 set.  I was about 11 when the set was released, and this set was more glossy and less... um... cardboard-y.  Having a Jeter rookie is always a great addition to any collection, even if he does play for those Damn Yankees!

The next year  the Topps set was even better (and even more gloss). This year he was featured with other players, but still nice to see a head shot this year.  Plus its odd thinking about him playing in A ball.  I know you have to work your way up, but its like always tough to imagine your parents being kids type of thing.

Finally is this 2014 Topps Super Veterans insert card that shows the difference between 1995 and 2014.  It is a nice card to showcase his MLB career, and notice not a lot has really changed since he hit the majors.

So congratulations to the 2007 Topps Derek Jeter card for being the first inductee into my Card Hall of Fame, and thank you for reading.


  1. While I certainly believe that Jeter will be in the Hall, I'm a little disappointed you had a Yankee be your first Hall of Fame Post. I guess you, as a Royals fan, were not around for the 1976, '77 and '78 Division Playoffs.
    Good luck with your blog!
    Go Royals!!!

  2. Indeed I was not around for the 70's playoffs (I was born in 1982), believe me when I say I have a hatred of the Yankees. Sometimes it pains me just to capitalize their name. However, if I like certain players even if they do play on teams I can't stand (I can't think of any at the moment, but I have even liked some Oakland Raiders).

    The post itself though is strictly based on the card. I should have picked a Royals card, but I can't think of any that stand out, but I will have some in the future.

    Thanks for reading, and I promise I won't talk about those yankees too much.