Thursday, August 21, 2014

My first package!

Before I started this blog, the mailman (or mailwoman as it is) hated me. I get a lot of magazines.  I only pay for two, but thought various survey sites, I sign up for a lot of them.  One day in the mail, besides regular mail, I got 2 newspapers and 14 magazines. IN ONE DAY!

Now that I started this blog, I don't plan on getting packages too often, but when I do I expect whoever is delivering my mail that day will not be too happy.  Luckily I let most of the magazines run out, so I don't have near as many.

On Monday though, I did get a package.  My first one since starting this blog.  After Hot Corner Cards made a post a couple weeks ago, I figured I needed to start somewhere, and I bought some cards.  Before I go on, I must say the transaction was very quick.  I really didn't expect to get it until later in the week, but I'm not complaining.

I couldn't wait to jump in. First I grabbed some cards not in a bag.

At first I was like, what the heck?  But as I started to look at them, some seemed interesting.  I've always liked advertising, so this was actually pretty cool to see.  I remember getting a lot of the Million Dollar Chase cards, and a few of the Spring Fever cards, but the rest weren't etched in my mind.  I never had a checklist for Topps Heritage, and while you can find a checklist on the internet, I always like holding them in my hand better.  I have seen some of the Stadium Club ads before, but don't remember seeing the BARS one.  I never buy A&G from packs, so it was cool to see that.  Finally the Upper Deck one on the bottom might be my favorite.  It might be plain, but all the cards I buy are retail since I have not card shops near me, so it was cool to see this hobby card.

Anyways, that isn't what I paid five dollars for. THIS IS WHAT I PAID FOR-

I won't show all the cards (I may show a few more at a later date), but I will show about 18 cards from each of the packs.  We begin with the red Justin Maxwell from 2014 Topps.  I love this card (I have the base card) because I remember watching the game that this photo was taken at.  It was one of my favorite Royals moments of 2013.  Even though he is in the minors this year, I expect a September callup.

The Alex Gordon A&G is good because as I mentioned, I don't buy A&G.  I just don't care for the design, but will gladly get the Royals and other players I collect. I just have no plans to set build them.

The Billy Butler is a 2010 Bowman card.  Bowman is another set I don't get a lot of (because I'm cheap), but I like their designs.  I am in the minority that like the black border cards, and since I didn't have this card, I am glad I have it now.  I may have to seek out other cards from the set.

The Dick Howser card I was happy about as soon as I saw it because it was actually one I've wanted for a while, but never got around to getting.  This is the first Howser card I have, and I like the design of the Topps set.

The Quisenberry card, what can I say?  I like his look on his face, and I can never have enough cards of Quis.

The Mike Boddicker card may not seem impressive, but 1993 was around the time I started to know more of the other Royals players besides George Brett.  The 1993 Donruss set was also a set that I really liked back then, and still like it somewhat today, but other Donruss sets would be placed higher now.

I laughed when I saw the Hunter Dozier card.  I have been looking into getting some of his cards, and right before this package came, I bought one of his cards.  I had to see if this was the same one, thankfully it was different.  Dozier is moving up quite nicely in the Royals farm system, and while more players the Royals draft are busts, I expect him to be a major star on the team in the next few years.

Next is Bruce Chen.  A fan favorite of all, even Paul Rudd, Rob Riggle, and Will Ferrell!  For some reason, I didn't have this card either, but I believe I should have almost the entire team set now.


Finally is Joakin Soria.  The OPC cards always interested me so this was a nice addition.  Kansas City has had quite a few successful closers (at least when they were in KC).  Jeff Montgomery, Mike MacDougal, Joakim Soria, and now Greg Holland all have the ability to close out games for KC when were we in position to win at least.

Side two of the pack begins with a few 1992 Fleer Ultra cards.  More were included in the packs, and I now have a healthy jump on finishing the team set.  Ultra was another set design I liked, and I remember all of these players.  I also like the David Howard rookie as I also have a couple of his minor league cards.

The Eric Hosmer chrome card is next.  I think I already have this card, but I can never have enough of them (well, maybe two IS enough).  Despite not being the most solid player, I still expect him to have a solid career.  He's still young enough to keep building to successful career.

I think I also have the Luke Hudson, but I still like it.  The design is basic, but sometimes I wish there was less flash on the base cards, it makes the insert look better.

When I saw the Hochevar card, I was a bit confused.  I never saw a glossy Turkey Red card, but then I realized I think it came from the Topps set, and remembered I might have a few of them.  After a career rebounding year in the bullpen in 2013, Luke got injured in spring training and had to be shelved for the entire 2014 season.  I hope when he comes back he can maintain the momentum he had in 2013 (even if for some reason he isn't in a Powder Blue uni).

Finally is a Mike Moustakas mini. Modeled after the 1987 Topps set, this is a nice addition to my collection.  I wasn't on board with the mini craze, and until I get some pages to fit them, I may not still be on board.  However, I still like this card.  Unlike Hosmer, I'm not sure if Moose will pan out, and some have already jumped off his bandwagon (that happens when you are hitting .200 over a full season), I hope for his sake (and the Royals) he learns how to hit, and becomes a big star.

THAT WAS ONLY ONE PACK!  I will post the other two packs over the next couple days, but what a tremendous start, and I can't wait to show off the other cards.

Thanks everyone for reading.


  1. It feels wonderful to get packages filled with fun things, such as cards. I started my own baseball card collection 18 months ago. My baseball card collection does include a few well-known players. Over the next 2 years, I will increase the number of cards I collect among well-known players.

    Kurt Bohling @ Philadelphia Mail Room

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