Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Man I'm feeling old

The Kansas City Royals have 3 nationally televised games this week.  Two have already happened, and one more is this Sunday night.  Monday they played the Yankees and it was blacked out on my TV (I assume the regional broadcast was showing it too, but I don't get that channel where I'm at).  Last night was another another game I missed because I don't get the channel.  Luckily I have grown quite fond of the radio broadcast of the games, as it reminds me when I was a kid and I never got to see the Royals on TV period.  I was able to hear an amazing call by Denny Matthews telling us "if this is your year, then this is where you do something, if it isn't your year, then you don't."  Right after he said that Alex Gordon hit a two run walk-off home run to give Kansas City the win 2-1.

Usually after the games I will go to and see if any of the minor league Royals teams are still playing, or sometimes listen to the San Jose Giants play (I've known Chuckie Jones my entire life and rooting for him to make it to the majors).  Anyways, I will hear names I don't know and some sound familiar.  Not because I have heard of them, but because I remember their dads when they played.  That makes me feel old.

So I decided to show some players who currently play in the majors or the minors who you may have heard their names before.  This isn't every player currently, just a few that I found.  Thanks to Trading Card Database for all the cards I'm about to show.

First one I'll show is one everyone should know:

Prince Fielder is the son of Cecil Fielder.  I remember Cecil and for quite a while, he was one of my favorite players (non-Royals that is).  I like Prince a lot too.

Tony Gwynn Jr. has had a rough year.  His father, Tony Gwynn Sr., passed away, then about a month later, he was released by the Phillies organization.  I don't really know much about him, but it seems like a case of never being able to get out of his father's shadow.  I hope he can latch on somewhere and make a name for himself.

I've heard a lot about Kyle and never really realized he is the son of Doug Drabek.  I remember when Doug pitched in the majors, and its nice to see his son is doing well in the majors.

I've head about Scott for a while now, but have yet to see him play.  I always liked his father Andy, and if what I hear is true, then Scott has a chance to be better than his father.

Tim Hulett has a son in the minors?  Cool!  Tim isn't a household name, and the only reason I remember him at all is because I used to like one of his old cards (I think it was his 1991 Topps card).  While looking for generational players I came across Tug.  I know nothing about him, but I wish him well, and hope he makes it to the majors because MLB can always use another guy named Tug.

I've heard about this Mike for a while, but didn't realize until recently that he isn't the other Mike's son.  They are related, so I guess it still counts, but it is a bit funny seeing a Piazza pitcher and a Piazza catcher.  I guess you could say the same about Tony Pena Sr, and Jr (which I didn't include because I never remember Sr playing).

I always thought Delino DeShields had a cool name, I still do.  Its great to know there is another one that I can see play.

Adalberto also goes by Raul Mondesi, just like his father.  I have heard many great things about him (especially since he is in the Royals minor league system), and hope he is as good as his father.  I just hope he has a longer career.

Finally I must mention Dee Gordon.  This man has killer speed.  He's like the Flash.  Or son of the Flash.  Dee is the son of Tom "The Flash" Gordon.  Tom had a long career but I remember his stay in Kansas City most.  I have seen Dee play a few times and have liked what I have seen.  Out of all that I mentioned (besides maybe Prince) I think Dee has the most potential out of all of them.  I can't wait to see him develop into an all-star.

Like I said I know there are others, some I didn't mention because I don't remember their fathers play, or some I just didn't include because I can't mention everyone.  Looking at the ones I did pick, I notice a lot of them have ties to the Dodgers.  I guess that is cool, but if I was a Dodgers fan, I would likely be bound to put too much pressure on them to succeed.

That's it for tonight, thanks again to everyone who reads this, I am really loving writing this each day even if some of my posts are a little lite.

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