Sunday, August 10, 2014

Title Change

Way back when, I'm not even sure, I created this blog.  I honestly didn't know I published it.  When it came time to name it, I just thought I would call it later so I aptly just put "Blog to be named later."  When I rediscovered it last week with an idea of possibly creating a baseball card blog, I saw the name and thought hmm, this could actually work.  The more I thought about it though, I thought it closely resembled a blog I go to often- A Pack To Be Named Later.  I still didn't know what to name it so I just kept it there for a few days.

Today I put some thought into it and I chose Royal Card Review.  I chose it for a number of reasons, but namely it was the first one that popped into my head that made sense.  So I did a google check and didn't see another one with this name, so I used it.  The name came to me when I was thinking what I would be mostly showcasing on the site.  I decided the three teams I will focus on are the Missouri Tigers, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Kansas City Royals.  Since I have a site dedicated to Mizzou that I never use, and I don't collect the Chiefs as aggressively as the Royals, I knew it would have to tie into the Royals.  The name Royal Crown Review popped into my head, as I listen to a lot of music (which I can't remember their sound, and they spell it Revue).  While Royal Crown Review would make sense, I don't want a possible lawsuit.  Plus I am not reviewing crowns, I am reviewing cards.

While I won't be only reviewing Royals cards, I plan on reviewing any cards or packs in my collection.  I collect a wide selection of cards, everything from the aforementioned to some of my favorite players such as Greg Maddux, Johnny Damon, Mike Alstott, and a few others. 

This should be enough for now, but at this pace, I might start showcasing my collection soon. Until then, I will still be making a few minor changes, and thanks again for reading.

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