Sunday, August 31, 2014

More 2014 Topps football

My last post I showed off a jumbo pack of 2014 Topps football cards.  This time I will show off the box I got.  They had 2 options, one for $10 that had some blue border cards, or for $5 more you could get a box with a guaranteed relic card.  I opted for that, because I don't really need parallel cards, and plus it was still cheaper to pay $20 for this box and a jumbo pack then getting the bigger box that would have less cards.

YAY, I'm learning how to move pictures around.  I'm starting to get the hang of this!

With a lot of cards, I won't scan them all, so like last time I will list the unscannables.

James Jones
Julian Edelman
Sebastian Janikowski
Anquan Bolden
Janoris Jenkins
Antoine Bethea
Jermaine Gresham
Kiko Alonso
Tyrann Mathieu
Jay Cutler
Joique Bell
Cameron Jordan
Brent Celek
Reggie Bush
Matt Prater
Brandon Marshall
Haloti Ngata
Paul Kruger
Matt Ryan
Greg Olsen
Torrey Smith
Nick Perry
Justin Blackmon
Andre Brown
Nate Washington
Andre Ellington
Terrance Williams
Sam Shields
Lamar Miller
David Wilson
Brett Keisel
Golden Tate
Mike Williams
Stephan Gostkowski
Terrell Suggs

THREE KICKER CARDS!  That has to be some sort of record.  I like the Matty Ice card, but wish it wasn't horizontal.  Like I mentioned about Tampa cards in my last post, I am also phasing out my former Miami Hurricanes cards, so the Greg Olsen card while nice, isn't needed anymore.

Ok, there's more, the following are all rookie cards:
Timmy Jernigan
Devin Street
Josh Huff
Jalen Saunders
Bradley Roby
Davante Adams
Xavier Grimble
Marcus Roberson
Shaquelle Evans
Trent Murphy
Scott Crichton
Arthur Lynch
Troy Niklas

Not bad, but not big names.  I might keep the Roberson one because I collect a few Rams cards.  Though I have no plans to collect a lot of them.

Finally in the list of unscannables are the All-Pro cards:
Mike Tolbert
Richard Sherman
Ryan Kalil
Peyton Manning
Earl Thomas

and also the team cards:
St. Louis Rams
Indianapolis Colts
Philadelphia Eagles

Some nice cards there.  Doubles of Peyton and Sherman, but still not bad. I remember when it was tough to get the bigger names, I'm glad to see they are more available.  If I never complete this set, it would be nice to at least get all the team cards. Never really tried to in previous sets, but already have a few to work with at least.

I think I will mention some of the inserts too instead of scanning.  If you saw the last post you saw some of the designs already.

4000 Yard Club: Drew Brees
Power Players: Jermaine Gresham
Play 60: Torrey Smith
PP&K (Punt, Pass & Kick): Jason Alani *IT'S SOME KID*
1000 Yard Club: Vincent Jackson *another double*
Play 60: Kenneth Lorenzo *ANOTHER KID*
Unleashed: Earl Thomas

I don't get why they are putting kids on ball cards.  There are players in the NFL that don't get cards, yet some kid can be on a card?  I will say I like the graphics on the PP&K card, but there is no need for this set or anything that is showing kids on cards.

The Torrey Smith card is a better Play 60 card than from the last post because at least he is do exercises in the photo.  The Power Players card has the same front as the base set, but with a Power Player logo on the front.  Seems like a waste to me.

I like the picture on the Dez Bryant card. Wish it was a little zoomed out though.  Not a bad card of Blake Bortles either. The Dwayne Bowe card I can add to my Chiefs collection.  No big plans to expand it, but I have gotten a few in the last year.  Finally are a pair of Rams cards. the Michael Sam card I can add to my Mizzou collection, it will look nice with the Ealy one I got earlier.  One of the few Rams I really like is Zac Stacy.  So this was a nice addition.  I'm not going to rush out and buy all his cards, but this is a good one to have.

Here we go with the final cards.  First is another mini, this time of Andre Williams.  Still not a fan to be honest. The Fantasy Focus is ok, but again, I'm not a fan of it.  I just don't care for the design, and I'm not a big fantasy football guy.  I don't think focusing on fantasy football will interest ones who do participate to buy cards if they didn't already (much like the sabermetrics stats and sets in baseball).

A.J. Green is the focus of another Fantasy subset (odd both of the fantasy cards I got were of Bengals).  I like A.J. Green, and this design is much better, but still don't card for the insert.

Finally is the relic card.  I had not huge expectations, so I wasn't let down.  I don't know a lot about Ka'Deem Carey, but with a couple cards I got between this box and the pack, I hope he does well.

Overall I think I got my money's worth, I can't complain getting a couple Mizzou players and a few players I like.  I might just stick to seeing what cards I really want and getting them as opposed to completing the set.

I hope you enjoyed reading and have a great day.

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