Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Flea Market Finds

In the past couple years I have gone to flea markets and various junk stores or non-profit type stores.  I've always been a fan of going to garage sales but as I got older and had a job I always worked weekends, so I never got to go to any.  So stores have taken their place.  Even with going to the stores, there still isn't a lot of options.  There is a small store about 15 miles away I go to at least a couple times a month, it is all donations  so sometimes the same stuff is on shelves for months.  The bulk of the store is clothing, which doesn't interest me much.  Sometimes I will find something, but the prices on the clothing is a bit steep to me, and I have enough clothes.  My main interest is the knick-knacks and the CD's (yes I still buy music on a disc, sometimes I even buy vinyl).  I have found a few things in the past, but for the most part, I only buy stuff about once a month or two.

Another place I go to is a little further away, but it is a massive flea market.  It was featured on the Travel Channel show "Truck Stop U.S.A." (or some other name, they renamed it a couple times).  I buy more stuff there, but usually nothing I really need.  I have been fortunate enough to buy some lawn darts (the good kind with metal tips) still in the box before, and found a few other gems, but as far as sports cards, it is limited (except last time which had some as I mentioned in an earlier post).  I can spend a few hours there, and in a way I feel like Brodie in the movie Mallrats.  I can spend hours there, and always find new things.  I only get to go there every couple months.

The other day I went to the small goodwill shop in the next town (its called Savvy Seconds by the way), and outside of an extremely large amount of Christmas items, nothing really caught my eye.  However, by the time I left, I did find $1.50 worth of stuff that I bought, so it wasn't a wasted trip.

On top is a D-ring binder.  It seems every couple months, one will pop up, and I snag them up.  This is one of the better ones I've found there, no holes or marks on it.  I also like that it is black, I just like black binders.  I think I have enough of them now, but at 50 cents, I will never pass them up.  Now if I could only find more card pages cheap so I can't put more cards in the binders.

Behind the binder is a nice blue shirt.  I know I said I never buy clothes, but I was with my mother and she does look at clothes, so instead of standing waiting for her to get done, I will look at clothes or bags.  The always have the same bags, so I looked at clothes. This powder blue shirt was just hanging at the end of the rack, I just happened to catch it out of the corner of my eye.

I looked at the size, and I could fit into it (maybe a little tight, but motivation for me to lose some weight), and then saw the price- $1.

The size, color, and price all made it a steal.  It might just be my new shirt when I go to Royals games.

Overall not a huge load, but still not bad.  I really just wanted to make a post about this and hope to have more Flea Market Finds in the future.  There aren't any card shows or card shops nearby (the closest card shop is actually inside a flea market), so this is all I have when I need something different to browse and shop when I'm not in the mood for buying cards at Walmart.

Thanks for reading, and have a great evening.

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