Monday, August 18, 2014

Mizzou Made

Yesterday I posted about the Kansas City Royals, which will likely be what most of my posts will be about.  However, I also collect an insane amount of Missouri Tigers cards. If they went to Mizzou and a card is made of them, I am interested in it.

Mizzou had an amazing comeback season in football last year after struggling to stay afloat their first year in the Southeastern Conference.  As a matter of fact, besides a lackluster 2013, Mizzou has had a pretty good run for a few years now. So much so, that football is the number one sport in Columbia (in the 90's save a couple years, basketball was king).

As a result, Missouri has branded themselves quite well in previous years.  In 2012, they used One Mizzou as their campaign.  As timing would have it, they unveiled it right around the time of the devastating Joplin tornado, and the athletic department made trips down to Joplin to show what One Mizzou really means.

This year, building off the success of last year, and a successful class of players who are working hard to be starters in the NFL, they have a new campaign- Mizzou Made.

While Mizzou Made is mainly a marketing ploy for the football team, the return of Kim Anderson as the basketball coach has built some excitement.  Anderson who is a former player and assistant coach under the great Norm Stewart, also won the Division 2 basketball championship this past year with the University of Central Missouri.

All this talk about former Mizzou players makes you wonder- who else went to Mizzou?  Well, in the future you will see many examples of people who were Mizzou Made.

Tonight I will post a sneak peek of someone who was Mizzou Made-

Tyron Woodley is an example of someone who many people may not know was Mizzou Made.  He has gone on to make a name for himself in the UFC (I first saw him in Strikeforce), and is one of the reasons the Missouri Wrestling department has seen a resurgence in recent years.  He was teammates with another MMA champion (Ben Askren, who I hope signs with UFC soon), and they put the wrestling program on their backs.

Well, that's the first edition I guess of an ongoing series I will have from time to time about former Mizzou guys.

Before I go, I have a few quick notes-

*Today is Roberto Clemente's birthday.  If I could go back in time to see any player play, it would be Clemente.  I wish I got to see him play just once.  Videos just don't do enough justice.

*I finally started promoting my site a little today and was overwhelmed at the response (I HAVE TWO FOLLOWERS!), I had more visitors today than the last 10 days combined.  Thank you to every who has read my posts so far, and I hope you will keep reading.

*I have a couple exciting posts I can't wait to discuss in the next few days.  I got a package in the mail today, and I will share the contents soon.  I also won a couple auctions that I will discuss once they finally arrive.

*my sleep pattern is crazy, I haven't had a clue what to write, but as my pattern gets back to normal, I will work on my page more.  I will post about my Hall of Fame soon, and start my collection and want lists soon as well.

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you have a great evening (or morning/day depending on when you read this).

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