Sunday, August 10, 2014

Still working on things

So it looks like a few people have checked out my page.  Thank you again.  I really have nothing to add but I am still working on fixing a things, specifically the page layout.  I cant decide the font colors that work best with my background, and I can't even decide if I want to use the background I have now.  I have seen a few pages who use cards as a background, and I like that idea. In the meantime, I will still consider what works best.  I will give myself a deadline of September 1st to decide if I want to make a commitment to this blog or not.  If I decide to commit, I will then set a deadline of January 1st if I will continue it on a full time basis.  Again, don't get your hopes up.  I don't want to start all big and powerful and then only post once every few months after I get going.

So until I decide how committed I will be here, I will give a few updates if I see people decide to check the page out.

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