Sunday, August 31, 2014

Football is in the air

A few posts back I mentioned I bought most likely my final baseball pack of 2014.  Football is upon us and so are the Topps release of their football cards.  I think this is the last year of their football license, which is good and bad in ways.  Topps releases the best sets, but they also have 9000 variations of the same card.  They have survived in the past, and they will again.  I expect they will have a license to for the NFL in a few years.  Maybe this will allow them to focus on MLB a bit better.

Anyways, I bought some NFL cards a couple weeks ago and never posted them.  I thought I would share today.

I will start with the jumbo pack.  Not sure how I want to do this but I won't scan every card.  I think I'll tell you what I got and a couple pictures.

Let's begin with some cards that I deemed not worthy of being scanned.  Not that they are bad, just as I said I don't want to scan every card.

Nate Washington
Andre Brown
Antonio Cromartie
Joe Haden
Joseph Fauria
Kendall Wright
Louis Nix *ROOKIE*
Ra'Shede Hageman *ROOKIE*
Garrett Graham
Robert Mathis *ALL-PRO*
Gerald McCoy *ALL-PRO*
Sammy Watkins *ROOKIE*
Jarvis Landry *ROOKIE*
Lache Seastrunk *ROOKIE*
C.J. Fiedrowicz *ROOKIE*
Logan Thomas *ROOKIE*
Steve Smith
Cordarrelle Patterson *ALL-PRO*
T.Y. Hilton
Marvin Jones
Brandon LaFell
Carson Palmer

and the following team cards:
Minnesota Vikings
Denver Broncos
Carolina Panthers

Some nice cards there, and some good rookies like Watkins.  Not bad for a $5 pack.  But I still have cards I did scan.

Peyton Manning, Jamal Charles, and Richard Sherman cards?  Yes please.  In addition is a Kony Ealy rookie card that is a current photo.  Who cares if its from the combine, at least its not from 2011.  Maybe my favorite card from the pack since I can add it to my Mizzou collection.

Next we have inserts.I like the Tom Brady card, though I'm not a fan of him in particular.  I like the 1000 Yard Club card of Vincent Jackson too.  If I had this card last year I would add it to my Buccaneers collection, but with working on other teams and sets I think I am going to phase out my Tampa collection.  It's perfect timing since I am not a fan of their new uniforms, and I spend most of my NFL Sundays rooting for the Chiefs.

As good as the 1000 Yard Club cards are, the 4000 Yard Club cards are bland.  The remind me of an old set Topps did in conjunction with Sports Illustrated for Kids.  It doesn't help, that I'm not a fan of Philip Rivers. Finally is the Play 60 card.  I'm not sure what to make of this.  I like how they aren't popular names in the set, but the idea is kinda blah, and the design is kinda crappy too.  The play 60 almost takes up half the card and Morgan is just standing there. Not exactly "playing" or even being active which is the idea of Play 60.

Wait, there's more:

Here is a J.J. Watt mini card.  I can't complain a lot,  not a fan of the design, but when you go for a design from earlier years, you run out of years at some point, so I can live with it.

We close out the pack with 2 more base cards.  The Wes Welker on the right is good, even though he plays on Denver.  Finally in the middle is the first Jared Allen card in a Bears jersey.

Wait. he never played in a game in a Bears jersey.  This must be an airbrush.  That makes me a bit mad, because like many, I don't like airbrushes.  I still think they should make a series two and include players on new teams in the second series.  This one looks ok I guess, but I never understood why they could just keep the players in their old jerseys and show the new teams logo on the card.  They've done it before.

I was going to include the box in this post too, but think I will show it in a second post.  Thanks for reading.

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