Thursday, August 21, 2014

Simpsons Mania! AYE CARUMBA!

I know I promised more details of my first package, but I wanted to post this real quick:

So as every Simpsons fan knows, FXX is showing EVERY SIMPSONS EPISODE EVER!  It's on right now.  It will be on in a week from now, it will go on FOREVER!  Well maybe not, but as a Simpsons fan, I wanted to point out that on Friday morning/afternoon (depending on your time zone), one of the best episodes ever will be on- HOMER AT THE BAT!

I loved almost everything about this episode.  For those unaware, the episode is about Mr. Burns signing a bunch of MLB players for his softball power plant team.  I don't want to spoil it if you never seen it, but I do urge you to check it out.

If you look online you can find a bunch of people writing about the episode (some aren't even sports fans), but my favorite I came across was Baseball Card Breakdown.  He goes into detail on each of the players Burnsie hires. He also has some cards on the posts I love.

Anyways you might ask who are the players?  Well here's a picture of all of them.

This episode came out in February 1992 (a week after I turned 10), so the star power may not seem as big as it did back then.  Obviously the Mike Sciosca card is after that time period, but oddly enough, Mike appeared on another episode later on (an episode called MoneyBART).

Like other fans of the show, I wondered who I would pick as my starting nine.  However I am doing it a little differently.  I'm going to  not do it from when the episode aired, but using today's players.

CATCHER:  My pick (because I am biased) is Salvador Perez of the Kansas City Royals.  When you look at Burn's squad, not everyone is the best at each position, but are still in the top ten.  When deciding catcher, I choose Salvy over Yadier Molina and Buster Posey because I can, lol.  I choose him because every team needs youth, and he not only is young, but he is mature.  He's a smart player and would cost less to acquire then some of the others.  Remember, Burns hired the big names, but he was also a penny pincher.

FIRST BASE: Albert Pujols.  Again I am a bit biased, but another essential to a team is experience and veteran leadership.  While Pujols wouldn't come cheap, he still has the talent to make it worth getting.  Though I must admit, I could change this pick to Prince Fielder as well, but I still want a veteran on the team.

SECOND BASE: Robinson Cano.  It almost hurts me to pick him, but my second choice would be Jason Kipnis, and I think its obvious who the better player is.  Again, another pricey pick, but I think it would be worth the investment.

THIRD BASE:  Miguel Cabrera. I'm not even going to think about anyone else. I'm not even sure who a second pick would be.

SHORTSTOP:  Troy Tulowitzki.  This was a little tough because I admit, I know all these players, but I don't watch the NL as much as the AL, and the NL has the best shortstops.  I pick Tulo over Hanley Ramirez or anybody else because of his veteran leadership.

LEFT FIELD: Yoenis Cespedes.  It is tough not picking Alex Gordon.  I really want to, but I don't want to have 2 Royals on this team.  Cespedes wouldn't be one of my top 3 or 5 outfielders, but I am going by primary position going into the year.

CENTER FIELD: Andrew McCutchen.  I know a lot of people would prefer Trout, but I prefer Andrew better.  However I am rethinking this because Burn's team did have Griffey who was a young kid. Eh, I still pick Andrew

RIGHT FIELD: Giancarlo Stanton.  Again, Puig could be a good youth pick, but he also makes a lot of mistakes.  Plus Stanton is only one year older than Puig.

PITCHER:  If this was writtern back in March I would have said Verlander or Scherzer for sure.  But it's written in August, and you have to go with who's hot, and that is Clayton Kershaw.

There is my team, you can make you on guesses on how they miss the game.  Pujols foot is ran over by a dump truck unloading all his money...Giancarlo Stanton is arrested for stolen identity....Salvador Perez is concussed taking the ice bucket challenge...whatever.

Thanks for reading, and the continuation of my first package will be posted next time.

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